Trailblazing Myeshia Mizuno

Trailblazing Myeshia Mizuno Becomes First Black Woman to Lead Primetime Game Show with ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ Role

Myeshia Mizuno has made television history as the new executive producer of “Celebrity Family Feud.” She becomes the first Black woman to run a primetime network game show.

Breaking Barriers in Primetime Television

Mizuno’s appointment marks a significant milestone in the entertainment industry. Her role as showrunner for both the syndicated “Family Feud” and ABC’s “Celebrity Family Feud” is groundbreaking.

“To be the first Black woman to run a primetime network game show is huge,” Mizuno told Variety. She expressed appreciation for the opportunity to lead such an iconic franchise.

From Childhood Fan to Showrunner

Growing up in the 1970s, Mizuno watched Richard Dawson’s “Family Feud.” Now, she oversees the Steve Harvey-hosted versions of the show.

Mizuno’s journey in television includes work on various unscripted programs. Her experience spans networks like MTV, Fox, NBC, and BET.

Bringing Fresh Ideas to a Beloved Format

As the new showrunner, Mizuno aims to enhance the already successful show. She has implemented small changes to improve the contestant experience.

For “Celebrity Family Feud,” Mizuno added a plush backstage area. This addition has encouraged celebrities to stay longer and enjoy the atmosphere.

Steve Harvey’s Endorsement

Host Steve Harvey praised Mizuno’s work, calling her “smart.” He highlighted her success on “Judge Steve Harvey,” which she developed and executive produces.

Harvey expressed surprise at Mizuno being the first woman of color in this role. He emphasized the importance of her achievement and the pressure that comes with it.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation

Mizuno recognizes the show’s established success under Harvey’s leadership. She describes “Family Feud” as “a comedy show with a game show aspect.”

Her approach involves respecting the show’s formula while adding subtle improvements. Mizuno aims to maintain the humor and energy that viewers love.

Myeshia Mizuno’s historic role at “Celebrity Family Feud” represents a significant step towards diversity in television production. Her leadership promises to bring fresh perspectives to this beloved game show franchise.