Boston's first Black-owned art gallery in Seaport

Blkchip Gallery Opens as Boston’s First Black-Owned Art Space in Seaport, Spotlighting Black and Brown Artists

Boston’s Seaport district welcomed a groundbreaking addition to its cultural landscape on June 27. Blkchip Gallery, the city’s first Black-owned art gallery, opened its doors with a mission to showcase Black and Brown artists.

Pioneering Art Space Brings Diversity to Seaport

Tavares Brewington, founder of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab Street2Ivy, partnered with Street Theory Collective to launch Blkchip Gallery. The gallery aims to attract Bostonians of color to the predominantly white Seaport neighborhood.

Brewington shared his vision with WBZ News, stating, “It really is an effort to have the Seaport reflect the rich cultural background of the city.” He emphasized the gallery’s focus on lesser-known Black and Brown artists.

Celebrating Cultural Heritage Through Art

Artist Melina Gomes highlighted the gallery’s significance to CBS News. “What’s most important is that we’re celebrating fine artists that are people of color,” Gomes said.

Paul Goodnight, a featured artist, noted the rarity of such an initiative in Seaport. He expressed excitement about reaching new audiences and showcasing community excellence.

Addressing Boston’s Racial Disparities

The opening of Blkchip Gallery addresses longstanding concerns about Seaport’s lack of diversity. Despite significant development, the area has remained one of Boston’s whitest neighborhoods.

Jarred Johnson, director of Transit Matters, told Boston Magazine that the Seaport’s development exemplifies Boston’s race problem. He emphasized the need to acknowledge and address the city’s segregation issues.

Community Impact and Future Aspirations

Kimberly Barnes, programs manager at FPAC, praised Brewington’s vision. She noted a gradual increase in people of color visiting Seaport.

Barnes expressed her commitment to inclusivity, stating, “One of my focuses is getting more people of color, more queer artists, and younger artists into the neighborhood.”

A New Chapter for Boston’s Art Scene

Blkchip Gallery represents a significant step towards diversifying Boston’s art landscape. It offers a platform for underrepresented artists and aims to make Seaport more welcoming to all Bostonians.