The Remarkable Moment Jessikah Inaba Made History

The Remarkable Moment Jessikah Inaba Became UK’s First Black And Blind Barrister At Age 23

At just 23 years old, Jessikah Inaba etched her name into the history books as the first black and blind woman to qualify as a barrister in the United Kingdom.

Despite facing immense systemic barriers, Inaba persevered against all odds to achieve her dream.

Visualizing Her Goal From Age 3

Remarkably, Inaba set her sights on practicing law from the incredibly young age of 3 after telling her eye specialist that she planned to become a lawyer when she grew up.

“I always believed in myself from the start – there’s nothing about me which means this isn’t possible,” Inaba said.

Raised in an supportive environment where her visual disability did not limit her potential, Inaba developed unshakeable self-confidence and work ethic that drove her towards success.

Conquering Inaccessible Systems

As a braille user, Inaba had to painstakingly translate mountains of learning materials by hand and fight for appropriate accommodations from her university.

“I know I can do this job really well, and the more people like me who go through training the easier it will become,” she said.

Inaba hopes that her triumphant qualification will set a precedent that removes barriers for other disabled students while inspiring young girls of color to pursue their dreams.

Leading the Way by Example

Jessikah hopes her pioneering journey smooths the way for marginalized groups and serves as inspiration for all.

“I’m very proud but I do wish it had all gone smoothly,” Inaba said, recognizing the need for continued progress. “I know I’m giving hope to others in similar situations.”

At just 25 years old now, the UK’s first black and blind barrister Jessikah Inaba is only just getting started in what is sure to be an impactful legal career.