Ketanji Brown Jackson Broke Barriers By Being Sworn In As The First Black Woman To Serve On The US Supreme Court

History was made in 2022 as Ketanji Brown Jackson officially joined the nation’s highest court after being sworn in as the first Black woman Supreme Court justice.

Her confirmation caps a groundbreaking journey to the pinnacle of the legal profession.

Overcoming Partisan Battles

Despite contentious Senate hearings where Republicans sought to portray her as soft on crime, Jackson persevered to confirmation by a 53-47 vote. Her impeccable qualifications ultimately prevailed.

“Judge Jackson is in every sense and by all measures a brilliant jurist,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The 51-year-old also made history as just the third Black American to don the court’s sacred robes.

Carrying Familial Hopes and Dreams

During an emotional exchange in her hearings, Jackson credited her pioneering achievement to her parents who grew up under segregation.

“They taught me hard work. They taught me perseverance. They taught me that anything is possible in this great country,” she said.

Her confirmation embodies the hopes of generations of African Americans denied opportunities due to systemic discrimination.

Blazing a Trail for Women of Color

As the Supreme Court’s first Black female justice in its 233-year history, Jackson has brought a sorely needed perspective.

“You are an inspiration to us all and will bring a sorely needed perspective and voice to our nation’s highest court,” said Senator Ed Markey.

The Harvard graduate will continue breaking barriers and serving as an inspiration during what’s likely to be a decades-long tenure.