Wine Maestro Brian C Kincaid Shatters Barriers as Ohio's First Black EnologistWine Maestro Brian C Kincaid Shatters Barriers

Wine Maestro Brian C Kincaid Shatters Barriers as Ohio’s First Black Enologist

Cleveland Native’s Twist of Fate Leads to Groundbreaking Achievement

When Brian C. Kincaid completed his enology degree from Kent State University last year, the 32-year-old Cleveland native earned the distinction of becoming Ohio’s first-ever Black enologist. This trailblazing achievement was an unexpected twist of fate.

Encouraged to Explore Budding Interest in Winemaking

Kincaid discovered a passion for wine after happenstance conversations with mentor Mansfield Frazier, owner of Chateau Hough Vineyards and Winery. Recognizing his protege’s innate talent, Frazier sponsored Kincaid’s education in the intricate science behind winemaking.

“I had a knack for just talking about it. So he recognized that and was like, ‘Hey son, I’ll send you to college to just do this full time’,” Kincaid explained. Though new to formal study, he dove into mastering the complexities of fermentation.

Carrying on a Legacy, Inspiring Future Generations

After Frazier’s passing, Kincaid remains committed to forwarding his vision by launching his own wine distribution company, Thee Enologist. Beyond building a business, he hopes his barrier-breaking journey from curiosity to certified expertise sparks inspiration.

“I want [my daughter] to see something that is out of the ordinary,” Kincaid said. “I want my daughter to see that you could be anything in the world.”