How Sean And Tia Edwards Made History

How Sean And Tia Edwards Made History As The First African-Americans To Distill Bourbon In Kentucky

Married Entrepreneurs Introduce Inclusive, Sophisticated Brand Steeped In Heritage

Lexington natives Sean and Tia Edwards shattered a bourbon ceiling by becoming the first African-Americans in Kentucky’s history to launch their own bourbon since slavery. The couple’s newly opened downtown distillery is redefining inclusion and sophistication within the iconic local industry.

“We wanted to bring some new thinking to the bourbon industry,” Sean explained, noting their spirit is intentionally crafted to drink however one prefers – neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. This welcoming ethos mirrors the vibe of their elegant venue.

Turning Exclusivity Into Opportunity

Tia has adored bourbon since her Louisville upbringing, but disliked the rigid tradition of sipping it straight. She’d even sneak mixers into restaurants. That passion, paired with a calling to represent underrepresented voices, compelled the Edwards’ 2017 founding of luxury bourbon brand Fresh.

After pioneering New-School style amidst Old-School conventions, Kentucky has fully embraced these native trailblazers updating traditions with inclusive innovation.

Bold Flavor Profile Matches Bold Ambitions

Beyond barrier-breaking ownership, Fresh distinguishes itself through an unexpectedly complex and smooth sipping experience stemming from distinctive mash bill and lower corn content.

As the Edwards continue inspiring successors, Sean says, “Your success will encourage someone else that’s right behind you.” Their Kentucky first is opening new channels for diversity within a signature local story.