Justin Coleman's Bake'n Bacon: Philly's Sizzling Bacon-Themed Success Story

From Music to Bacon Bliss: Justin Coleman Transforms Dream into Reality with Philly’s First Bacon-Themed Eatery, Bake’n Bacon

Justin Coleman, a former music industry professional, has revolutionized Philadelphia’s culinary scene. His brainchild, Bake’n Bacon, stands as the city’s first bacon-themed restaurant. This unique establishment boasts three food trucks and a thriving brick-and-mortar location.

A Dream-Inspired Culinary Journey

Coleman’s venture into the world of bacon-centric cuisine began with an unusual source of inspiration. “My younger brother Derek passed away in 2016, and he visited me in my dream,” Coleman revealed. This dream became the catalyst for Bake’n Bacon’s inception in 2019.

The restaurateur’s commitment to honoring his brother’s memory fueled his creativity. Coleman crafted innovative bacon-inspired recipes, transforming a simple idea into a flourishing business.

Bacon: The Star of Philly’s Culinary Show

At Bake’n Bacon, bacon takes center stage in unexpected ways. Coleman’s creations push the boundaries of traditional bacon dishes. “We take bacon and made it the star of the show where we want to take it outside of breakfast food,” he explained.

The menu features mouthwatering items like bacon brisket cheesesteak. This dish combines brisket with smoked rosemary cheddar cheese sauce. Another standout is the bacon-infused barbecue sauce paired with sliced brisket.

Entrepreneurial Challenges and Triumphs

Coleman’s journey from concept to successful restaurant wasn’t without obstacles. He faced numerous rejections before finding success. “Being a Black entrepreneur, we’re going to have so many because we’re going to have people always say no,” Coleman shared.

Despite setbacks, Coleman remained grateful and focused. His perseverance paid off, resulting in Bake’n Bacon’s impressive 4.9 rating from over 600 Google reviews.

From Music Industry to Culinary Mastery

Coleman’s career transition from music to food service demonstrates the power of embracing one’s true calling. He emphasizes the importance of aligning with one’s purpose. “I started off in the music industry and now I’m cooking,” Coleman reflected.

This unexpected shift allowed Coleman to discover his passion for creating memorable dining experiences. His success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Recipe for Entrepreneurial Success

Coleman offers valuable advice for budding business owners. He stresses the importance of self-discovery and aligning with one’s purpose. “Don’t do it for money,” he cautions. Instead, he advocates for pursuing genuine passions.

For Coleman, the love of cooking and creating joyful experiences through food drives his success. He encourages entrepreneurs to question their motivations and prioritize fulfillment over financial gain.