First Ghanaian Miss Texas Champions Autism Awareness

Annette Addo-Yobo Breaks Barriers as First Ghanaian Miss Texas 2024, Champions Autism Awareness

Annette Addo-Yobo made history on Saturday night at the Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts in Richardson, USA.

The North Texas resident became the first immigrant-born and first Ghanaian to claim the Miss Texas crown. Her victory marks a significant milestone in the pageant’s 87-year history.

Ghanaian Immigrant Crowned Miss Texas: A Historic Win

Addo-Yobo’s journey to the crown is a testament to perseverance. Born in Ghana and raised in Canada and the U.S., she faced numerous challenges. Her citizenship status initially limited her opportunities as a teenager and college student.

Despite these obstacles, Addo-Yobo excelled academically. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2020. Her crowning achievement came just two years after obtaining U.S. citizenship in 2022.

From Miss Dallas to Miss Texas: Addo-Yobo’s Pageant Journey

Addo-Yobo’s pageant career has been steadily ascending. She previously held the title of Miss Dallas in 2023. This year, she competed as Miss Southlake before claiming the state title.

Her victory comes with a $20,000 scholarship and the opportunity to represent Texas in the Miss America contest. Addo-Yobo expressed her gratitude on Instagram, saying she is “humbled, honored, and grateful” to be the 87th Miss Texas.

Championing Autism Awareness: The SPARK Project

Addo-Yobo’s platform extends far beyond the pageant stage. She used her Miss Texas campaign to spotlight a cause close to her heart: autism awareness. Her dedication stems from personal experience with her younger brother, Andrew.

“I want to bring autism safety, awareness and education to the frontlines of our programming and our legislation,” Addo-Yobo stated. She highlighted the unique challenges her brother faced as an immigrant diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age four.

Breaking Barriers and Amplifying Voices

Winning Miss Texas has only fueled Addo-Yobo’s passion for advocacy. Through her initiative, The SPARK Project, she addresses structural inequities faced by individuals with autism. Her mission is clear: to amplify the voices of the autistic community.

“As a sibling to someone on the spectrum, I noticed the systemic inequities and lack of education and training very early,” Addo-Yobo shared on Instagram. She aims to ensure that legislators, decision-makers, and community members recognize and support the autistic community.

A Crown with Purpose: Representation and Advocacy

Addo-Yobo’s victory represents more than personal achievement. It symbolizes progress in representation and diversity within the pageant world. As the first Ghanaian Miss Texas, she opens doors for other immigrant women aspiring to similar platforms.

Her commitment to autism awareness adds depth to her reign. By leveraging her title to advocate for marginalized communities, Addo-Yobo exemplifies the modern pageant queen: one who combines beauty with purpose and uses her platform for meaningful change.