Sephora Features First Black-Owned Clean Beauty Brand

Sephora Features First Black-Owned Clean Beauty Brand: LYS Beauty by Tisha Thompson

In a groundbreaking move, Sephora is set to feature its first Black-owned clean beauty brand, LYS Beauty.

Founded by industry veteran Tisha Thompson, this inclusive line is poised to revolutionize the clean beauty space with its diverse shade range and high-performance products.

Pioneering Clean Beauty for All Skin Tones

LYS Beauty, an acronym for “Love Your Self,” is making history as Sephora’s first Black-owned clean beauty brand.

The line boasts a variety of skincare and color products formulated with clean, plant-based ingredients. All products are cruelty-free and vegan, catering to the growing demand for ethical beauty options.

Thompson, the brand’s founder and CEO, emphasizes empowerment through beauty. “I’ve always been a big believer in finding what makes you you, and truly standing in it,” she states. This philosophy is evident in the brand’s inclusive approach to clean beauty.

Diverse Product Range with Affordable Pricing

LYS Beauty launches with six innovative products: blush, serum foundation, matte bronzer, setting powder, serum primer, and lip treatment oil. The star of the collection is the Triple Fix Serum Foundation, available in 35 diverse shades. This foundation offers light-to-medium coverage with a natural finish.

Key ingredients in the foundation include Ashwagandha for combating skin stress, hyaluronic acid for hydration, turmeric for brightening, and avocado oil for moisture retention. Pricing for the entire range is accessible, ranging from $12 to $22.

Founder’s Expertise Shapes Brand Vision

Tisha Thompson brings over 15 years of beauty industry experience to LYS Beauty. Her background spans clean beauty product development, brand management, marketing, finance, and operations. This comprehensive expertise has shaped the brand’s holistic approach to clean, inclusive beauty.

The brand’s visual identity incorporates a triangle symbol, representing change. Thompson explains, “Not only are we shifting the clean beauty conversation, but we want to remind our customers that at any given moment… they can positively change the way they treat, talk to and love themselves.”

Sephora’s Commitment to Diversity

LYS Beauty’s debut aligns with Sephora’s pledge to double its assortment of Black-owned brands by the end of 2021. This partnership reflects the beauty retailer’s ongoing efforts to combat racial bias and promote diversity in the beauty industry.

Additionally, Sephora has selected eight Black-owned brands for its 2021 Accelerate incubator program. This initiative aims to build a community of innovative, inspirational founders in the beauty space.

Launch Date and Availability

Beauty enthusiasts can look forward to exploring LYS Beauty products at Sephora starting November 19.

This launch marks a significant milestone in the clean beauty industry, offering high-quality, inclusive products that cater to a wide range of skin tones and types.