Lennie Childs Makes History

Lennie Childs Makes History as USHL’s First Black Coach – Set to Pave the Way for a New Era in Hockey!

Trailblazing Appointment Breaks Barriers

Lennie Childs has been named the head coach of the Omaha Lancers, making him the first Black coach in the history of the United States Hockey League (USHL).

This historic appointment marks a significant milestone in the sport’s ongoing pursuit of diversity and inclusion.

A Coaching Pedigree Built on Success

Childs, a former forward at Concordia University, brings a wealth of coaching experience to his new role.

His impressive track record includes stints as an assistant coach with Des Moines of the USHL, where he played a pivotal role in player development, penalty-kill units, and offensive zone production.

Additionally, Childs served as the head coach of the Skipjacks Hockey Club in the United States Premier Hockey League, guiding the team to an impressive 27-10-7 record during the 2017-18 season.

Mentorship from Hockey Legends

Childs credits his late mentor, Paul Jerrard, for his unwavering support and guidance throughout his coaching journey.

Jerrard, a former assistant coach in the NHL, imparted valuable lessons on special teams play and life, which Childs applied to great effect during his time at Union College.

“To have the No. 2 penalty kill in the nation, to run that with some unbelievable players at Union, there’s no doubt in my mind that Paul Jerrard had a lot of influence in the making of that,” Childs said.

A Visionary Approach to the Game

As he takes the reins of the storied Omaha Lancers franchise, Childs is determined to instill a new era of fast-paced, relentless, and hard-nosed hockey. His “dog-in-bone mentality” promises to ignite a renewed passion and competitiveness within the team.

“We’re going to play really hard, really fast, really relentless with a dog-in-bone mentality every night. We can do that, we’ll put ourselves in a good spot,” Childs declared.

Blazing a Trail for Inclusivity

Childs’ appointment as the USHL’s first Black coach is a significant step forward in the pursuit of diversity and representation within the sport.

His success and leadership will undoubtedly inspire and pave the way for future generations of coaches and players from underrepresented communities.

With the support of Omaha’s ownership and the USHL’s leadership, Childs is poised to usher in a new era of inclusivity and excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the game and the lives of those he mentors.