Meet Treaka Young

Meet Treaka Young: Jeff City’s First Black Councilwoman Makes History and Aims to Empower All Constituents in Her Groundbreaking Role

Trailblazer: Treaka Young Shatters Glass Ceiling

In a historic moment, Treaka Young has shattered the glass ceiling, becoming the first Black woman elected to the City Council in Jefferson City.

Her groundbreaking victory, which came 45 years after Randy Halsey became the first Black council member, marks a significant milestone in the city’s journey towards inclusivity and representation.

A Beacon of Hope and Empowerment

As the election results poured in, Young’s campaign watch party erupted into celebrations.

Overwhelmed with emotion, she exclaimed, “A minority woman has never been able to tread in this community, so I hope that just by watching me, it’s giving someone hope.

It’s giving someone encouragement to move forward and it’s giving them what they need to know that they are a part of this community too.”

A Lifelong Commitment to Serving Others

Young’s dedication to empowering others stems from her upbringing in St. Louis, where her family often struggled without access to essential resources.

“I asked my mother ‘why did we go so alone when all these agencies could have helped us.’ And her one reply, I’ll never forget, was ‘I didn’t know,’” Young recounted.

“She’s the youngest of six children, and she has always been a go-getter,” her sister, Carla Holmes, proudly stated, celebrating Young’s unwavering determination.

Prioritizing the Underserved: A Campaign of Inclusion

During her campaign, Young prioritized engaging with an underserved community, recognizing their lack of representation and disillusionment with the political process.

“The numbers show that they don’t vote. I said I don’t care. One thing I know about people. They don’t vote because of two things: they don’t feel engaged, and they don’t feel valued,” she explained.

A New Era of Empowerment and Representation

Now sworn in as a Ward Three council member, Young’s mission is to empower all Jefferson City residents, fostering an environment where their voices are heard and their concerns addressed.

“You don’t have to explain every little thing, just tell me what you need, and I’ll see what I can do to help you get there,” she pledged.

Inspiring a Diverse Future

Young’s trailblazing achievement serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to find their place in shaping their communities.

“Everything is not for everyone, but there’s a place for everyone, and there’s something everyone could do,” she affirmed, underscoring her commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive future.