Freeport Police Welcome Michael Williams

Trailblazing Achievement: Freeport Police Welcome Michael Williams As The First Black Assistant Chief In History

Freeport Police Department Breaks New Ground

The Freeport Police Department has achieved a historic milestone by appointing its first-ever Black assistant chief, Michael Williams.

This trailblazing appointment marks a significant step towards greater diversity and representation within the department’s leadership ranks.

A Moment of Pride and Inspiration

For Assistant Chief Williams, this achievement holds profound personal and professional significance. “It’s emotional to me because I never expected it,” he expressed. “I’m proud, I’m proud of the occasion, I’m proud to be able to represent.”

His promotion serves as an inspiration, not only for the Black community but for all aspiring officers who can now envision themselves ascending to the highest echelons of the department.

Reflecting the Community’s Diversity

Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy underscored the importance of having a police force that mirrors the diversity of the village it serves. With a population comprising 30% Black, 30% Hispanic, and 30% white residents, the recent promotions, including Williams’, reflect a commitment to ensuring fair representation.

“It’s a younger crowd that’s in here now, a lot of the seniors are beginning to retire, so you bring in newer, younger people in too,” Kennedy said, emphasizing the department’s efforts to cultivate fresh perspectives.

Homegrown Connections and Community Impact

What sets these newly promoted officers apart is their deep-rooted connections to Freeport. Many are lifelong residents or natives of the village, fostering a profound understanding of the community they serve. This familiarity is expected to enhance their ability to make a lasting positive impact.

“I’m a lifelong Freeporter, grew up here, very proud to serve our village and just honored to be a detective now,” said newly promoted Detective Michael Salisbury.

Inspiring Future Generations

The promotions extend beyond mere symbolism; they serve as beacons of hope for aspiring officers from diverse backgrounds. Sgt. Fredis Pereira, born in El Salvador, expressed his belief that his promotion will inspire others to pursue their dreams within the department.

“I know a lot of the kids that now see another Latino officer, you know I was born in El Salvador, so I came here in ’84, so I think it will show them that they could do it, too,” Pereira said.

With this historic appointment, the Freeport Police Department has taken a significant stride towards fostering a more inclusive and representative law enforcement community.