Miami Woman’s Club Makes History With Metris Batts Coley

Miami Woman’s Club Makes History With Metris Batts Coley As Its First Black President, Paving the Way for Inclusivity and Progress

Groundbreaking Milestone for Miami’s Oldest Women’s Organization

On a historic day, the Miami Woman’s Club, a 124-year-old organization, shattered barriers by electing Metris Batts Coley as its first Black president.

This momentous occasion marks a significant stride towards inclusivity and progress for the influential women’s group.

“It’s a new era and this is wonderful progress,” expressed 20-year club member Dolly McIntyre. “With Metris as our new president, we are righting some old wrongs, and I’m looking forward to working with the new officers.”

“Righting Old Wrongs” – A Mission for Change

While outgoing president Shirley Pardon acknowledges potential resistance, she remains optimistic about the club’s forward movement. “People are afraid of change.

But what’s happening now is a real turning of the tide. And the Miami Woman’s Club is becoming a part of this forward movement.”

Batts Coley, undeterred by challenges, embraces her role as a catalyst for positive change. In her inaugural speech, she declared, “We must recognize that every promising idea might seem daunting at first, but it is through action that we unlock its potential.”

A Journey Towards Inclusivity and Unity

Metris Batts Coley’s ascension is the culmination of years of dedicated efforts to foster inclusivity within the club.

Former president Noreen Timoney spearheaded initiatives to diversify the membership and promote civic engagement, paving the way for this historic milestone.

“The Miami Woman’s Club has witnessed remarkable transformations over its 124-year history,” Timoney affirmed. “Embracing inclusion strengthens the club’s mission.”

Overcoming a Troubled Past, Embracing a Promising Future

The Miami Woman’s Club’s path to inclusivity has been fraught with challenges, including instances of discrimination and racism in its early years.

However, as Dorothy Jenkins Fields, Ph.D., one of the first Black members, noted, “The fact that Metris is Black is one thing, but equal to that is the fact that she is extremely qualified.”

With Batts Coley’s installation, the club enters a new era of forgiveness and progress. As Linda Joseph, a past president, stated, “Metris represents a faction of women whose value we have ignored for a long time. The Miami Woman’s Club started the change many years ago.”