Kitchener, Canada To Host Historic First-Ever Black Music Conference

Kitchener, Canada To Host Historic First-Ever Black Music Conference Targeted At Empowering Black Artists and Creators

In a groundbreaking move, Kitchener is gearing up to host Canada’s first-ever not-for-profit Black Music Festival and Conference, a three-day extravaganza designed to empower and uplift Black artists, producers, digital creators, and filmmakers.

This historic event, slated for June 14-16, promises to be a game-changer in the Canadian music industry.

A Comprehensive Platform for Empowerment

“As the founder, producer and curator of the Grand River Black Music Festival, I’m grateful to be a part of the GRBMF team that created a festival to feature and highlight Black musicians, artists and their music in the Waterloo region,” said Carlos Morgan, the award-winning R&B singer-songwriter/educator who founded the festival.

The Grand River Black Music Festival and Conference will offer a diverse lineup of live performances, industry wisdom exchanges, unique vendors, film screenings, and emerging artist programming.

Its primary objective is to impart valuable, real-life tools and knowledge to empower emerging Black artists, producers, digital creators, and future filmmakers.

Celebrating Black Talent and Fostering Connections

With a stellar lineup of 15 major acts, including renowned names like R&B singer/songwriter/actor Jully Black, rap icon Solitair, and Juno-Award-winning R&B vocalist Erroll Starr, the festival promises to showcase the best of Canadian Black talent.

Additionally, the event will feature a Black emerging artist spotlight, spoken-word performances, DJ music, and a Black artisan and food village, creating a vibrant and immersive experience for attendees.

Insider Insights and Industry Expertise

Beyond the live performances, the conference component will offer invaluable insights from over 20 industry professionals. Through workshops, lectures, and informative sessions, attendees will gain proven strategies for getting signed, promoting their work, navigating the digital realm, and “just being Black” in the music industry.

Headliners like Black, Solitair, and Zochi, along with producers, marketers, radio personalities, and label executives, will share their intimate experiences and knowledge, providing a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s inner workings.

Fostering Representation and Inclusivity

With an expected attendance of 4,500, the Grand River Black Music Festival and Conference is poised to make history as Canada’s first-ever event of its kind.

By providing a platform for Black artists, creators, and industry professionals, the festival aims to address the systemic challenges and underrepresentation faced by the Black community in the music industry.

Through this groundbreaking initiative, Kitchener is taking a significant step towards fostering inclusivity, representation, and empowerment within the Canadian music landscape.