Measha Brueggergosman: The Lady Who Left A Mark As The First Black Artist To Get Governor General’s Performing Arts Award In The Classical Music Field

Measha Brueggergosman-Lee holds the record as the first Black artist to be recognized in the classical music field with the prestigious Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement.

Brueggergosman-Lee, a Juno Award-winning soprano and celebrated performer, forged a diverse and remarkable career that defies categorization.

Known for her warmth, brilliance, and versatility, she has seamlessly navigated the realms of opera, acting, education, and faith advocacy, leaving an indelible mark on the Canadian cultural landscape.

A Journey of Adversity and Triumph

Brueggergosman-Lee’s path has not been without its challenges. She has faced adversity, including living with morbid obesity, the dissolution of her first marriage, the loss of two babies, and undergoing emergency open-heart surgeries.

However, her unwavering faith, supportive circle of confidants, and relentless pursuit of her passions have enabled her to emerge stronger and more resilient.

Embracing the Multifaceted Nature of Life

Brueggergosman-Lee’s life and career embody the idea that one’s existence need not be confined to a single label or category.

She has embraced the “and” in her life, seamlessly navigating multiple roles and identities, from singer and actor to educator and master’s student. This versatility and openness to growth have been the hallmarks of her remarkable journey.

As the first Black artist to be recognized in the classical music field with the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, Brueggergosman-Lee’s achievement holds profound significance.

Collaborating with Opera Atelier: A Cherished Partnership

One constant in Brueggergosman-Lee’s multifaceted career has been her long-standing collaboration with Opera Atelier, a Baroque opera company.

Since 2008, she has consistently performed with the company, and her upcoming starring role in their production of “All is Love” marks a significant milestone in their enduring partnership.

Brueggergosman-Lee’s personal life has also been a source of joy and inspiration. In 2021, she married guitarist Stephen James Lee, and their relationship has infused her performance in “All is Love” with a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of love.

Embracing the Transcendent Nature of Existence

Brueggergosman-Lee’s worldview is shaped by her deep-rooted faith and her parents’ insatiable curiosity. She believes that our lives are meant to “reverberate forward” and that we are here to serve something greater than ourselves.

This perspective has guided her in her pursuit of a master’s degree in theology, further expanding her artistic and intellectual horizons.

As a multifaceted artist, Brueggergosman-Lee’s impact extends beyond the stage. She is a dedicated educator, using her platform to inspire and empower the next generation of performers and thinkers.