Tyler Mitchell Made History

Tyler Mitchell Made History Becoming the First Black Photographer to Have Their Work Featured on the American Magazine’s Cover in Its Then 125-Year History

A Groundbreaking Milestone in Vogue’s Legacy

In September 2018, Tyler Mitchell etched his name in the annals of Vogue’s illustrious history by becoming the first African American photographer to capture the magazine’s iconic cover.

At just 23 years old, Mitchell’s achievement marked a pivotal moment in the fashion industry’s ongoing journey towards inclusivity and representation.

“Photographers live their whole life to shoot this cover slot in this month,” Mitchell said, acknowledging the gravity of the opportunity.

Capturing the Essence of Beyoncé’s Vision

For the highly anticipated September issue, Mitchell had the honor of photographing none other than Beyoncé herself. The singer, who graced the cover for the second time, sought to elevate and amplify the voices of African American artists through this collaboration.

Mitchell’s ascent to this groundbreaking milestone was fueled by his unwavering dedication and artistic vision. Hailing from Atlanta, he honed his craft by creating skate montages and exploring the city’s vibrant landscapes through his lens.

“The iPhone is the thing that opened up everything,” Mitchell shared, acknowledging the democratizing power of technology in the field of photography.

Reimagining Black Narratives Through Art

Central to Mitchell’s work is the pursuit of reimagining and elevating the representation of Black bodies and narratives. His vibrant, idyllic imagery challenges traditional perceptions, offering a fresh and empowering perspective on Black experiences.

While Mitchell’s achievement is a cause for celebration, he understands it as a step towards a more inclusive future.

“We should be shooting covers of Vogue month to month, not just as a first,” he remarked, highlighting the need for sustained representation and opportunities for Black photographers.

As the first African American to grace Vogue’s cover with his artistry, Tyler Mitchell paved the way for countless aspiring photographers, inspiring them to dream bigger and transcend boundaries.