Sereena Quick Makes History

Sereena Quick Makes History By Becoming The First Black Woman To Own A Chick-fil-A Restaurant In 3 Different States

Defying Odds On Her Journey From North Philly To Multi-State Franchisee

Sereena Quick has achieved a groundbreaking first – becoming the first African American woman to own Chick-fil-A franchises in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. She recently opened her third location in her hometown of Philadelphia.

“It really is astounding just this accomplishment to really inspire and motivate the people in our community,” Quick said, hoping to empower youth to realize their potential against the odds.

Overcoming Hardship Through Sheer Determination

Quick refused to let her challenging upbringing define her future success. She grew up in North Philadelphia public housing with a single mother, but persevered to graduate college and build a career helping youth as a probation officer.

A pivotal mentorship with California Chick-fil-A owner Jon Hooper put Quick on a path to restaurant management. Her diligence and relentless drive fueled a rapid rise to multi-state franchise ownership in just a few short years.

Uplifting Her Hometown Through Opportunity And Inspiration

The new Philadelphia Chick-fil-A Quick opened has created over 100 local jobs, enabling her to give back to the community she grew up in. She aims to spark long-term positive change and empower future leaders.

“I am living proof of [Philly’s] rich history, vibrant diversity and endless possibilities,” Quick said. Her achievement demonstrates the power of possibility for women of color in business.

Quick has turned hardship into history through determination and resilience. She has cleared the way for Black female franchise owners across multiple states while serving as a role model for her hometown.