The First Black Woman To Chair The Nevada Gaming Control Board

From The First Black Woman To Chair The Nevada Gaming Control Board To The First Black Woman President Of An NFL Team: Meet Sandra Douglass Morgan

Breaking Barriers in Nevada Government

Before stepping into the national spotlight with the Las Vegas Raiders, Sandra Douglass Morgan already shattered glass ceilings in Nevada politics. In 2008, she became the first African American city attorney of North Las Vegas.

A decade later, Douglass Morgan made history again by getting appointed the first person of color to chair the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Leading the Board during the COVID-19 pandemic, she steered high-stakes decisions about casino openings and closures. That crisis leadership left her uniquely prepared for a trailblazing opportunity in America’s most popular sports league.

Selected to Lead the Las Vegas Raiders

After a few turbulent years of executive turnover with the Raiders, owner Mark Davis targeted Douglass Morgan to stabilize the organization.

Although she didn’t expect a role with an iconic NFL franchise, Douglass Morgan reflected on childhood memories attending UNLV basketball games and meeting star players.

Ultimately, the chance to positively impact her beloved home community in Las Vegas convinced her to accept the President position – and write her name in league history books.

Prioritizing Diversity and Inclusion

As the first Black woman serving as President of any NFL club, Sandra Douglass Morgan embraces both the visibility of representation and her responsibility to promote equity.

To push the Raiders and football towards greater diversity, she quickly hired the team’s first-ever Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Douglass Morgan also aims to facilitate more community engagement, develop executive leadership, and strengthen workplace culture. She remains focused on paving the way for future generations: “To me, the definition of success isn’t being the first — it’s to have many, many others follow behind you.”