The Beautiful Moment When Angel Livas Launched The Alive Podcast Network

The Beautiful Moment When Angel Livas Launched The First Black Woman-Owned Podcast Network Called The Alive Podcast Network

Leveraging Decades In Media To Uplift Black Voices

With over 20 years producing radio and TV, Angel Livas noticed inequities facing Black creators in the growing podcast space.

Despite major networks relying heavily on revenue, Livas sought to create a platform centered on impact – one that helps creators monetize while amplifying content that inspires and innovates.

The fruit of that vision is The ALIVE Podcast Network, the first Black woman-owned podcast network, officially launching on February 22nd, 2023.

The name encapsulates its mission to produce enriching and empowering content that helps people “not only live but be alive.”

Providing Ownership And Relevant Content

ALIVE Podcast Network aims to rectify disparities Livas observed across the industry, ensuring creators retain their intellectual property while building audiences and earning revenue.

At just $4.99 per month, subscribers directly support their chosen shows, with profits split 50-50. Programming spans “inspirational, innovative and informative” podcasts relevant to Black listeners, from personal development to tech.

With proprietary technology and apps engineered to optimize discovery and engagement, Livas wants ALIVE to become this era’s “BET” – the ultimate destination for Black digital content.

Trailblazer In Her Own Right

For Livas, ALIVE represents coming full circle, as her early internships in college radio and TV built a foundation for her meteoric career.

Now, through the network lifting up next-gen Black talent, she helps pave the way for others in that same spirit of service that has defined her own impact.

Livas admits there’s still much more ground to cover on her mission, but remains committed as ever: “This is just one step closer to helping other people realize their dreams.”